XM Solutions, LLC has been in the business of providing innovative financial tools for real estate professionals and investors since 2001.

Soft Money Lending

XM Solutions uses standard underwriting; if your deal fits, it will get funded. $299 Application Fee – No Appraisal, doc fees or “other” junk fees. Loan terms in only 5 minutes. First loan in 15 days of completed app. Subsequent loans within 10 days. Fixed Rate Loans.

Transactional Funding

Transactional funding is in essence a very short-term lending solution to facilitate a real estate transaction. Imagine having a open-ended line-of-credit in which you can buy as many property as you like. All you need is a purchase agreement to for the home to be purchased and a sale agreement to from the end buyer - we can provide you with unlimited funding.

Commission Services

Are you tired of waiting 30-45 days to receive YOUR commission you've earned? Do you need your commission now?
Jim Hyde: 615-869-0603