How it Works


You have sold a listing or a new home and you’re ready to get your money.
You have sold a listing or a new home and you’re ready to get your funds.  Simply fax, email or bring in your executed contract.  We will have you fill out a one page form that includes property info along with a few other pieces of info.  Once we have completed the verification process, your check will be ready.
This is much faster and reliable because we are a local provider and have wide-ranging experience in the Middle Tennessee real estate market.

A quick example of how much you can get today.

Let’s assume your portion of the sales proceeds is $1,000.
After we approve the transaction, we will cut you a check for $800.00.
30 days later when we reconcile, we will cut you another check for $150.00.
Your total fees are only 5%, or $50 per $1000.
Our rates are not only competitive, they are amongst the best in the industry.

What if the loan does not close?

We understand that sometimes, through no fault of the real estate professional, a transaction may not be completed.  Don’t worry, we understand.  In the event this happens, we will work together and reconcile after your next closing.  There is an additional 3% for the next 30 days.  So, you are actually getting 60 days worth of time for what others are only getting 30 -45 days.

What’s next?

Fax, email or bring in your executed contract so we can get you cash in your hand.
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